Prompt: Wangechi Mutu.

Read the lectures and textrelated to Media, and review the additional course materials & videos BEFORE answering you’re assigned prompt.In your initial post, include aphotoof the artwork you are discussing. Copy & Paste the prompt/questions into your response BEFORE your answers. Answer thoroughly, clearly, and specifically. Always point to the artwork/reference the artwork when discussing themes and concepts.Wangechi Mutu, One Hundred Lavish Months of Bushwhack, 2004 (Cut-and-pasted printed paper with watercolor, synthetic polymer paint, and pressure-sensitive stickers on transparentized paper)Is Mutu’s artwork an example of Representational Art, Abstracted Art, or Non-Representational Art? Explain your reasoningWhat media/techniques/tools/processes does Mutu use to create her artwork?Analyze the themes present in Mutu’s art. How does her use of media/techniques/tools/processes affect the meaning and theme(s) of her art? Explain your reasoning thoroughly and specifically, making sure to point to and reference the artwork/specific aspects of the artwork.

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