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Graduate Internship Preparation assignment 5

Week 5 Assignment Part I and Part II:Assess your network, complete the following interesting and informative exercise to evaluate your current spheres of influence, that is, who it is you choose to associate with and how they impact your life… positively or negatively.For this Part I, create a blank Word Doc and:1. Make a list of the family members, friends, co-workers and any other contacts with whom you interact the most or with whom you typically spend the majority of your time.2. Put a “+” next to each person who inspires, encourages or builds you up as a person. Put a “-” beside every person who is toxic – people who complain, spread rumors, act negatively, have a poor attitude, find the bad in people, whine and criticize your dreams and aspirations.3. If you cannot determine which category to place the person in, put a question mark.4. Evaluate the list after you think of as many people as possible.5. Make a commitment to reduce spending time with the people who have a “-” next to their name.By following through on this assignment, you now have a blueprint as to which people in your life will truly help you attain your goals and objectives, and which people may be along for the ride.For Part II, fill in the blanks by matching the vocabulary words to the sentences.Vocabulary Words1. Speak2. Money3. Profit4. Misunderstandings5. Send6. Receive7. Rapport8. CommunicateSentencesYou are sending message to others even when you don’t ___________.Employers are in business to make ___________.This is called making a ___________.Poor communication causes ___________ with others.To communicate is to ___________ messages to others.In order to properly communicate you must also be able to ___________messages from others.If you communicate poorly with coworkers, you may develop bad ___________ with them.Your ability to get and keep a job will strongly depend on your ability to__________.

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