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Final Paper Public Policy Analysis

For this paper, choose a public policy issue at the State-level that you see as important.Analyze the issue from your perspective, using secondary references to support your position on the issue, either for or against the position.Discuss where your representative and senator stand on the issue.Include in your explanation a discussion of whether you agree or disagree with their stances, and why.Your individual research paper must include an Introduction discussing what you can do in your own career to ensure that your writing is recognized and advances you toward your long-term aspirations.This introduction shall be no less than 500 words.The introduction will not count towards the length of the paper.Prepare the Portfolio Paper using the following guidelines:2,000 – 2,500 words using APA formattingTitle page, including title of paper, your name, course name and course number, date of submissionInclude biblical foundations application (500 – 750 words)Minimum of 10 scholarly referencesA reference page

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