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Researched Argumentative Essay – Final Submission

DIRECTIONS:Now that you have created a thorough outline, you should continue to expand the outline into an essay format using proper APA style. Additionally, you will need to show competency in constructing a research-based argumentative piece of writing.  To meet that goal, you will need to meet the following requirements:Demonstrate critical thinking and critical analysis skills, including your use of a research based argumentationWrite between 1,000 – 1,200 wordsNo abstract is needed for your paper. However, an APA formatted cover page and reference list is required.Effectively organize your essay. Write a clear introduction, thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs supporting the thesis statement, a paragraph that develops a counterpoint, and a clear conclusion.Use at least four sources.Using a source means quoting, paraphrasing, and/or summarizing it, including a citation each time it is being used.Reference each source you use in your reference list.You should use the following sources:Three peer-reviewed academic journal sources from Keiser’s e-LibraryAt least one additional credible source, which may include the e-Library, or another reputable locationAdditional sources are optional.If fewer than four sources are used, 10% may be deducted from your grade for each missing source (i.e. using only two sources would result in a 20% loss of grade)No block quotes should be included.Use integrated quotes only.Use 3rd person objective point of view only. Avoid 1st and 2nd person points of view.REQUIREMENTS:You should use 7th edition APA (No abstract is needed for APA 7 student papers).You should not use more than 20% of outside material.You should not sue visuals (i.e. images, charts, graphs, etc.). Use written material only.

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