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unit 9 discussion

Title: Food InsecurityFood insecurity impacts the health and wellbeing of people of all ages in the U.S. as well as around the world. What causes food insecurity? How might individuals and organizations combat the food insecurity issue? In this discussion, the topic of food insecurity will be examined.Following are resources available to assist with the discussion topic:Decker, D. and Flynn, M. (2018, May). Food insecurity and chronic disease: addressing food access as a healthcare issue. Rhode Island Medical Journal, Vol. 101, Issue 4, p. 28-30.Ihab, A.N., Rohana, A.J., and Manan, W.M. Wan. (2015, December). Concept and measurements of household food insecurity and its impact on malnutrition: a review. International Medical Journal, 22(6): 509-516.Discuss the following in your initial post:Which stage of the lifecycle is most vulnerable to food insecurity? Why?Provide one example of a program that can assist with food insecurity in the United States?Name one culture or country where food insecurity is of concern.What created the issue?What is being done to alleviate the food insecurity in that culture or country?

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