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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum please review the required chapters in the book Implementation of Mental Health Programs in Schools: A Change Agent’s Guide:Leadership for Implementation and ChangeandSelecting Interventions: Intervention Characteristics and Implementation. Please also read the articleRelieving Human Suffering: Compassion in Social Policy (Links to an external site.).This week you will have a choice between two topics. The initial reply must be a minimum of 300 words. Please choose only one topic below to address for your initial post.Option 1: Administrator ChallengesImagine that you are an administrator leading a human services organization that is experiencing several challenges, such as high turnover among staff, poor lines of communication between employees, a lack of diversity amongst your staff, and overall low level of employee satisfaction with the current organizational culture. Describe this fictional organization (e.g., what it aims to do, and the clients you work with, etc.) and evaluate the impact that these issues may have on the delivery of services that are rendered. How would you address the challenge? As you reflect on how you would address the challenge, what are the decision-making approaches that guided your choice of approach?Option 2: Professional ChallengesImagine that you are a human services professional working with a client facing a challenge or situation. Choose the challenge or situation that this client might face (e.g., alcoholism, domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, terminal illness, etc.) and summarize the presenting challenge(s) and needs. Considering the challenge or situation faced by your client, explain an approach you would take. Analyze cultural competence elements as identified in the National Organization for Human Services’Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals (Links to an external site.)that direct practice professionals should integrate in the successful delivery of this technique (e.g., awareness of one’s own cultural background, recognition of multiculturalism, respecting cultural diversity, etc.). As you reflect on how you would address the challenge, what are the decision-making approaches that guided your choice of approach?

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