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Human Resource Competencies

A 3-4 page paper addressing the following:1. Assess your proficiency for two SHRM competencies you selected1. Communication2. Ethical PracticeInclude one competency you consider to be a personal strength and one you could improve upon.2. Analyze each competency you selected.a. include how they relate to health care organizations striving for a culture ofexcellence.b. Provide a rationale for how gaining proficiency of these competencies would better enable you to personally contribute to your organization’s culture of excellence.APA format.  In-text citations.  at least 4 ReferencesReferenceSociety for Human Resource Management. (2012). SHRM competency model.Retrieved fron https://www.shrm.org/LearningandCareer/competency-model/Publishingimages/pages/defaults/SHRM%20Competency%20model_Detailed520Report_Final_SECURED.pdf

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