M8D1: Where Can I Find Nanotechnology Today?

First:ReadDefinition – What Isnanotechnology? (Links to an external site.)on the NANOWERK website.Then, go to the right side menu titled “Nanotechnology Introduction Menu,” scroll down to “Nanotechnology Applications,” and click on this link. An extensive list of 16 different applications opens.Select one application for nanotechnology from the list. Read all the information provided.Next:Compare what you have found on the NANOWERK website about your chosen application of nanotechnology with the information on this application that exists in the rest of the module readings and/or from your own library research on the topic.Next, submit the following:Address these points in your initial post:Describe the application of nanotechnology that you selected.Explain whether nanotechnology is currently in available products or services or if it is still in the planning/research stages.How does the information in NANOWERK compare to any other information you found about this application?Do you think nanotechnology research will bring the revolutionary change in our lives that some predict? Explain your position using data and facts from the readings and your own research on the topic.Your initial post responding to this assignment should be no shorter than 250 words. Include both in-text citations and complete APA style references for all the sources you used to inform your work.Click link to complete assignment above:  https://www.nanowerk.com/nanotechnology/introduction/introduction_to_nanotechnology_1.php

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