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in 100 words answer the following

Discussion Focus for this week….Our discussion this week will focus on the definitions of health, safety and nutrition and how they are interrelated.For your discussion, be sure that your response is in paragraph format with 100 words or more.  Also, do not forget to include your reference and citations in proper APA Format.Points to address in your discussion…1.    How are health, safety, and nutrition interrelated? Give two examples from the readings about their relations and the importance.2.    Think about the relationship of preventative health care and health promotion.3.    How can young children be made aware of the issues that contribute to his or her well-being?4.    Share three activities that can be implemented to help children to become more aware of these issues. Provide the book title or website name where you found the activities.Watch the following video:expertvillage: Health and Safety: Early Stages of Childhood Development. [Video file]. Retrieved from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLwFIIPGUV8&feature=related5.    Identify five ways to provide a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment from the beginning of a child’s school or child care experience?Do not forget to include your in-text citation and reference in correct APA Format!

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