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Annotated bibliographiesa. are one-page papers which   describe how to cite sources.b. contain information   critiquing a scholarly source.c. are placed in the footnotes   of a paper.D.do not require the APA   citation of the source.Which is the best research question of the four below?a.What are the names of the different management styles that     have existed in the last 300 years?b. In what year was the Department of Education created?c. What effect does employee turnover have on customer     satisfaction?d. Why is management important?Keywords area. part of the research question.b. only used in advanced searches.c. optional in general searches.d. the closest three synonyms to the main idea you are       searching.Which is NOT part of an annotated bibliography?a. A description of purpose of the source.b. An assessment of the usefulness of the source.c. A summary of the main idea/results/conclusions of     the source.d. A description on how you determined your keywords.Annotated bibliographies are best suited to the assignment ofa. A narrative paper about how   you chose your program of study.b. A paper with one source which   is given by the professor.c. A research paper with ten   required scholarly sources.d. A critique of your peer’s   statistical analysis of data from their research question.

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