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Research Methods and Techniques,Our main discussion focuses on this week discussion are about research method and techniques, pick up two of the following topics and discuss.1) Discuss and explain data preparation process.2) Discuss and explain data validation and verification process.3) Discuss different measure of significance and compare and explain Chi-Sqr.4) Identify the major types of relationship between variablesBackground:Data preparation: http://paginas.fe.up.pt/~ec/files_1112/week_03_Data_Preparation.pdfData Preparation and Processing: http://www.slideshare.net/gondaliyamehul/data-preparation-and-processingData preparation for data mininghttp://www.temida.si/~bojan/MPS/materials/Data_preparation_for_data_mining.pdfData validation, processing, and reportinghttps://studylib.net/doc/8211646/data-validation–processing–and-reporting-guidelines

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