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In this unit you will submit your final research paper

In this unit you will submit your final research paper. For this project you have identified, researched,and described an environmental problem that you personally would like to see resolved. Please makesure it is edited, proofread, spell checked, and is formatted using APA. It should be a minimum of fourpages in length (not including cover and reference page). Additionally, incorporate the requirementslisted below.Requirements for the Paper Identify the issue and create a thesis for your paper.You must use a minimum of five scholarly or professional sources.Use quotes sparingly. Your paper should not exceed ten quotes.Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling. Note: Spell check will not catch all errors. You will need tomanually proofread your paper before you submit it.Your paper must include a title page and a References pageDiscuss the environmental issue. Explain why it is a significant problem.Identify the populations/communities/species that are impacted by this problem and explain how, andin what way, they are impacted.Identify the type of scientists involved in identifying and solving this problem.Include key biological/scientific concepts as they apply to your topic.Address one or two key scientists (as applicable) that identified the problem and were key researchers inthe field.Identify the government organization/agency/department that oversees this problem.Address one or two key scientists that may have significantly contributed to creating solutions to thisproblem.Identify the methodologies used to identify and possibly solve this problem.

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