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respond to my three classmates discussion 150 words in 2 hours

Virginia Salgado22 hours agoRe: Week 4 | Discussion – Miriam’s storyWhat about Miriam’s story surprises you?I think Miriam’s story is very interesting. the book of Exodus reveals to us that she is older than Moses, and is considered a protector to him. She goes to follow him as he is in the basket and is picked up by the princess.As she gets older scripture says she is a prophet. Which really surprises me, because that is a great transition from childhood. So when she speaks against Moses, it was a great deal. She had to know better to do that, and eventually scolded my God, resulting in leprosy. Having read the Story of Exodus various times I did not know this part, which did take me by surprise.How does reading Miriam’s story within the context of the events surrounding Exodus and Deuteronomy inform your understanding of her role in history?Her role in history is very important. If it were not for her, we would not know most of the details that happened that day her mother put Moses in the basket. Nor would we know what happened to the child once he encountered the princess of Egypt.How can you apply this ancient story to your life today?This ancient story, I apply it in my life. God can use me as a vessel for his plan. What ever the reason, small or great, there is a plan for me, my life. To respect those God put in charge, and to learn to listen when He speaks.Tina WorksMiriam’s Story I would have to say the one thing that surprise me about the Miriam story would be the way Lord punished her for speaking against Moses her brother. He gave her leprosy and had her spend seven days outside the camp. But through out God’s plan Miriam plays very important part of ensuring the safety of her brother while carrying out the will and plan of God. Her role in history show how God uses everyone to insure that his will is done weather male of female but it also shows the character of the woman because in that culture women was regarded as property and wasn’t consider for leadership role, but you have Miriam leading the way for all women of the Gospel.y Priscilla Scott1 day agoInitial Response Week four MiriamMiriam’s story in general is a little surprising. At first she seems to be helping Moses when he was an infant. Watching out for him and even securing his birth mother to be paid for nursing him (Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch). She seems to be a positive character in the Bible. Her positive role in the bible continues when she sings her song after the crossing of Red Sea. Again she is helping others and praising God.The part that surprises me is the jealously she develops for her brother Moses. I suppose it develops slowly over time. First, with Moses wife and later with Moses close relationship with God. It is almost as if her jealousy for Moses grew as Moses relationship with God became closer and closer. It is hard for me to understand Gods true purpose for Miriam. I know she was one of the chosen ones’s however it seems that God did not want the same type of relationship with Miriam as he did with Moses. Once God realized her jealousy he was done with her. Just like many other times in Exodus God had a quick and severe punishment for her behavior.Her story is a good lesson for anyone’s life today. Jealousy, is a horrible quality to posses. When you are jealous, your judgement is clouded, and you do not make sound decisions. Gods harsh punishment should be a lesson for all of in regards to jealously in our own life’s.Peer ResponsesBuilds on others’ responses to further develop discussion (avoids postings that are limited to ‘I agree’ or ‘great idea’, etc.).Extracts and constructs meaning through interaction and involvement with assigned readings and resources.Connects relevant experience and academic knowledge.Gives proper credit to sources used, though strict APA formatting is not required.Uses proper “Netiquette” (proper language, tone, mechanics, etc.).

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