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Startergic Plan— 1 copy only

Write a 2-3 pages document on “Strategic IT Plan to launch an E-Commerce website”Please answer the below questions :1. Why do you need to do it? What is your goal?2. What are the things you need to get done to achieve your goal?3.  How can you make those things happen?4.Implementation Plan-Write a plan based on the below objectives1. Set the objective for each step2. Analyze internal/external factors3. Develop solutions4. Identify and eliminate barriers5. Allocate resources (people, time, money)6. Develop detailed tasks7. Implement your plan!4.What Are The Roadblocks?5.How Can You Overcome The Roadblocks?6.What Resources Do You Need?7.What Are The Timelines?8.What Are The Main Steps To Implement Your Plan?ATTACHED A SAMPLE A DOCUMENT ON HOW IT LOOKS LIKE. PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR RE-WRITE THE CONTENT FROM SAMPLE DOCUMENT

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