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PLEASE NUMBER EACH QUESTION1) Explain public health practitioners’ use of capacity building to support community health and development.Your response must be at least 85 words in length.2) For state and local public health departments, an important part of their work is addressing legal issues related to the health of their communities. To meet their responsibilities, state and local public health departments will often involve legal counsel and draw on the knowledge and experience of program staff. Briefly explain the key roles of legal counsels at state and local health departments.Your response must be at least 85 words in length.3)  The functions and services of local health departments vary based on the department’s authority and resources and by the needs of the community. Briefly explain at least four major functions of a local health department.Your response must be at least 85 words in length.4) Explain the three core aspects that public health practitioners need to focus on to make their evaluation reports more useful.Your response must be at least 85 words in length5) What is one significant public health event that occurred in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s? Explain how that event influenced a change in public health reform.Your response must be at least 85 words in length.

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