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Race human variation

Chapter 13 Reading:Chapter-13.pdfChapter 13 PowerPoint:Chapter 13 slides .pptxChapter 14 Reading:Chapter-14.pdfChapter 14 PowerPoint:Chapter 14 slides .pptxExtra Resources:The Race Project. Are We So Different? American Anthropological Association: https://understandingrace.orgIs Race Real? A web forum organized by the Social Science Research Council. http://raceandgenomics.ssrc.org/Race & Ethnicity Video: https://youtu.be/7myLgdZhzjoHeredity:https://youtu.be/CBezq1fFUEA (Links to an external site.)How we get our skin color video:https://youtu.be/VC0TL_lYLm8 (Links to an external site.)Biology of Skin Color Video:https://youtu.be/hFw8mMzH5YA (Links to an external site.)Evolution of Lactose Tolerance Video:https://youtu.be/MA9boI1qTuk (Links to an external site.)1. Describe why genetic diversity is greater within-groups than between-groups. Discuss two studies (from chapter 13) that support your argument.2. Describe the thermal stressors to humans present in very cold and very hot temperatures. Then provide one example of an acclimatory adjustment and one example of an adaptation to cold temperatures.

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