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Week 6 – Assignment 2: Design a Presentation Outline

PART 1 DISCUSSION POSTFor this assignment, you will create a discussion post explaining Evidence-Based Practices. In this post, you will do the following:Define Evidence-Based Practices.Explain the continuum on which an EBP can be evaluated.Choose one article that examines the efficacy of a practice or program aimed at intervening in the problem you have identified. Evaluate that practice on the EBP continuum.Explain the pros and cons of using EBPs. Be sure to offer your own opinion of the concept of EBPs.Length: 350 to 500-word responseReferences: Include a minimum of 1 scholarly resource.PART TWOThis week, you have explored the concept of applying research in professional practice. Now you will begin to think about how you’d like to apply the research you pulled together for your Week 5 literature review to make evidence-based best practice recommendations for resolving workplace issues related to your capstone topic. Specifically, this week you will begin to plan for your Week 8 Signature Assignment presentation by developing and submitting an outline. Note that your final presentation will be created and delivered in Week 8. Keep in mind that your Week 8 presentation will be delivered in the form of a webinar for an imaginary audience of organizational stakeholders.For this week, please review your weekly resources for tips on how to create an outline. The headings and sub-headings reflected in your outline should be used to organize the content for your presentation slides. Also, be sure to check out the instructions for creating your signature project presentation in Week 8 and use those instructions to guide the development of your outline. At a minimum, your presentation outline should provide points to address the following:Identify the topic of the webinar. Why is this topic important?Identify the need for the webinar. What is the objective of the webinar?Specify the target audience for the webinar. Who will benefit from this presentation (e.g., consultants, business leaders, HR professionals, employees, etc.)? Provide a rationale for your choice.Identify 4-6 evidence-based, best practice approaches for addressing/resolving the topic/issue.Address ethical, cultural, and diversity needs and issues related to the topic/issue/solutions.Address collaborative efforts needed and their purpose (people: consultants, business leaders, HR professionals, etc.).Identify two resources/activities you will include in your webinar (e.g., reflection questions, role plays, discussion groups). Be specific.Length: 1 to 2-page outlineReferences: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.

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