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Nutrition and disease report

Nutrition and Disease  Report  (25 pts.)Students will select one of the following diseases for their written report:Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1  or Type 2)Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)Cardiovascular DiseaseMyocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)Coronary Artery DiseaseCerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)Cancer (choose 1 specific kind – i.e. – breast, colon, liver, lung, cervical, skin, bone, etc.)any other disease with Instructor’s approval – submit an email requestStudents will prepare a type- written paper (no restriction on length) in OUTLINE FORMAT to include the following:Name of diseaseProcess of disease and organs affectedSigns and symptoms of the diseaseRisk factorsNumber of cases per yearMortality/morbidity ratesFactors that can be controlled with prevention measures, and those that cannot be controlledPreventative Measures (BE SPECIFIC!) –medications, exercise, and nutritionEarly intervention methodsPreventative medical careAlternative medicine methods (i.e. – meditation, herbal therapy, etc.)Students will also be responsible for creating a visual aid (s) –  pictures, etc. to support their report. Creativity is highly encouraged!PreviousNextHow to use Canvas

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