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400 word Dissertation Discussion (Strategies for Managing Resources

Due 9/18  8 p.m EST400 words not including title &ref min  3 APABe on time & Original WorkYour literature review sets the stage for everything else that you do in your dissertation. It is through this review that you determine the research that has been conducted in your area of interest and the gaps that exist where research is still needed. The literature review also helps support hypotheses that you might have generated and the choices that you make in your research.As you proceed, you will review numerous articles that are applicable to your topic. Managing your search of the literature involves four steps: gathering publications, organizing them, understanding the most important elements in them, and learning to summarize them. These are key parts in the dissertation process.How will you manage your resources? How will you identify the main themes in the literature? How will you translate those themes into a summary?Think about strategies you have used in the past to manage information. What was effective and what was not? Explore the Resources  to see what else you can learn.Post the strategies you plan to use to gather, organize, understand and summarize the resources for your dissertation. Include steps for tracking your search techniques. Describe your strategies for storing and backing up your resources and the tools you will use or have found to be useful. Be specific.

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