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African American studies

Due Sunday, April 2nd, 2021 on BlackBoard, 15ptsPick one context outside of the United States; a situation, event(s) and do some foundational research on the how one might think of Blackness, race-thinking and/or ethnicity might play into it. The idea of this assignment is simply to demonstrate that you can map out a research project and do some initial/surface research using the principles and concepts we have covered so far.Approach the assignment as an information design problem. Ask yourself, how do I best and most efficiently present a summary for information about how race-thinking might play out in a specific situation.Your 5 (five) slides/ pages can be in can be submitted as a Word Docx, PDF or PowerPoint file on Blackboard (and I am open to alternative formats if you have suggestions).Your 5 (five) slides/pages PLUS a Cover Page and Citations Page—should include the following information:Premise/Thesis => (1pt) What is your presentation/ research about?Context => (5pts) include keys details of the context and population being studied (i.e. details and identitarian categories. Be specific…name the parameters of your research.  Specify Africana/African diasporic space, location, peoples, concept and/or genre. Give a brief contextual history of the topic.Main Points => (5pts) 3 to 5 main points that you are making with your presentation.Use of class glossary and/or course material => (2pts) make use of at least 10 (ten) words from our class glossary vocabulary list AND cite at least 5 (five) reading and viewings discussed in the course.Bibliography or citation list => (2pts) that is attached as a separate, final page (6th page) to your assignment.

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