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Answer the following apa format no plagiarism scholarly references.

Discuss and identify leader traits and attributes that are most beneficial in implementing the best decisions in an organization.Explain the differences in charismatic and transformational leadership and how both leadership styles impact organizational effectiveness.  Please note how these leadership styles affect implementing new innovative technologies.Review table 8.1 in the reading this week, note the work characteristics and the traditional versus high-performance focus, note which focus is best for strategic decisions and which is best for operational decisions.  Please explain.1.In order to implement best decisions that will impact an organisation a leader has to  beInnovative in order to not become monotonous and boring,a leader has to be  practical and adjusting to the new trends that come up all the time in the different industries that they are in.The leader has to identify ways of improving both their work and the work of the employees and base their decisions on data and simulations .Collaboration where the leader has to be connected with his team.They should be free with each other and very transparent so that the subordinates will have trust and faith in him and his work by knowing that their leader holds no secrets from them and also listen to the team and even give them some power to perform tasks and give them credit.Diplomacy a  leader who makes the best decisions for their people has to be very diplomatic and give the team a chance to have a say and vote in matters that affect them and be tactful in dealing with the team so that  you can maintain peace and harmony within the organisation.Communication skills are of great importance as a leader who wants to have an impact one must be willing to listen to their team and at the same time be able to be vocal and express themselves and what is needed in order to perform accordingly in the organisation.2.A charismatic leader,focuses on communicating with the team in order to have some influence over the team through being moral and passionate making the team feel like they are all equal and at the same level while transformational leaders focus on implementing their vision and needs on the organisation,the leader works with the team to steer them into the direction he wants them to go by convincing them it is the best direction.A charismatic leader will discuss with their team about an innovative technology them have in mind and seek their opinion on how to implement it while a transformational leader will make the team adapt to his innovative technology and convince them it is the best decision for the company.3.For the best strategic decisions the traditional characteristic focus is the best method to adapt because it solely focuses on costs and profits which is what the strategic decisions are about concerned with the whole organisation making profits and the operations of the firms.For operational decisions it would be good to focus on the high performance focus where the day to day activities of the organisation are focused on the work quality and standards have to be considered and the flexibility of the work in order for the decisions to suit best the workers and their activities.

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