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HA575 Unit 6 Discussion

Discuss how three different healthcare organizations within your community (Miami, South Florida, USA) use marketing tools to promote their products and services. Share at least three examples and discuss whether they are successful in their marketing attempts.In two diferent paragrah give your personal opinion to  Tyler Blevins and Linnette Curtis-DickeyTyler BlevinsSouth Georgia Medical Center”The Georgia Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (GSHMPR) recently awarded its annual healthcare marketing and public relations awards. South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) received three awards in this statewide contest for its marketing efforts. SGMC received the Gold Target Award in the “Radio” category for its “March Madness Vasectomy” campaign, Silver Target Award in the “Digital/Online” category for the health system’s “Know, Then Go” campaign and Silver Target Award in the “Television” category for its “Dear Community” campaign (SGMC).”Tift Regional Medical CenterTift Regional Medical Center’s marketing strategies are focused more on the patient and saving money. They have whats called a triple aim. The triple aim is:”Continuously improve quality, patient safety and the management of population health.Enhance the patient experience.Reduce costs and improve efficiency (TRMC).”They use this triple aim to market as well. Their television, radio, and social media adds all focus on patient experience and cost effectiveness. I mean who wouldnt want to go seek care at a facility that isn’t going to charge you an arm and a leg for every procedure?Clinch Memorial HospitalThis is the smallest of the three organizations and doesn’t do a lot of marketing. This hospital is more of a convenience hospital for those that are in the area. Just because they are small, doesnt mean that they re any less successful in patient care. They also have tv, radio, and social media adds that focus on their integrity, excellence to care, and their compassion to the community.Each of the three organizations listed above are successful in their attempts at marketing. Each of them have their own factors that lay a part in the decision people make when seeking care at these facilities. Do to size and location, South Georgia Medical Center is the most successful in their marketing attempts. This may be due to the number of patients they see, or that their marketing is the best amongst the three organization. I believe that when it really comes down to it, if someone really needs care, are they gonna remember the commercial they saw on tv, or are they going to get the care they need?SGMC. (September 19, 2019). SGMC Marketing Efforts Recieve Statewide Recognition. Retrieved from: https://www.sgmc.org/sgmc-marketing-efforts-receive-statewide-recognition/Tift Regional Health System. (2020). About Us. Retrieved from: https://www.tiftregional.com/aboutClinch Memorial Hospital. (2020). About Clinch Memorial Hospital. Retrieved fom: https://clinchmh.org/about/Linnette Curtis-DickeyHealthcare Organization #1:  IU Health – Indiana University HealthExamples of advertisements include TV commercials, social networks, and the internet (website).IU Health is advertised at the most comprehensive healthcare system with a personalized approach, committed to providing the best care for families in Indiana.  IU Health embarked on a new marketing campaign in 2018 to help understand the frustrations of patients and healthcare providers in order to identify opportunities for improvement.  They conducted short interviews (2 minutes) with patients and providers, seeking understanding and input on the pain points for healthcare.  As a part of this endeavor, being able to identify expectations and how to help support patients and providers became evident.  Offerings such as same-day appointments, online scheduling for many physicians, and an online star review for its providers were some of the initial steps taken.  Their marketing is focused on “changing healthcare for the better” showing a partnership between the patients and the providers on making a difference.Healthcare Organization #2:  Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital (Ascension St. Vincent)Examples of advertisements include TV commercials, YouTube videos/advertisements, and print/digital ads.The pediatric hospital at Ascension St. Vincent was opened in 2003 but was renamed the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in 2007.  Manning indicated that the most loyal fans he met during his years of playing football where the children he met when they needed encouragement (as they had major health concerns).  While he was playing for the Indianapolis Colts, he developed a deep connection with the hospital, patients, and their families while visiting sick children; as well as making gracious contributions.  They launched a new “Big Kid” marketing campaign featuring the well-known Payton Manning interacting with the kids (patients) and providers, showing his humorous side.  This draws attention to the specialized pediatric healthcare offered at the facility.  The utilization of a week-known sports figure and his humor has led to additional attention for the facility.  The advertisements feature an “untouchable” person because of his wealth and fame in real-life scenarios and being a “down to earth” person that people can truly relate to.Healthcare Organization #3:  Methodist Sports MedicineExamples of advertisements include TV commercials, digital streaming and social media.Methodist Sports Medicine has been in existence for 30+ years as a leading orthopedic facility but has been seen primarily as a facility catering to athletes.  In order to adjust this perception to ensure clear communication that they are an orthopedic provider for everyone, a new marketing strategy was developed called, “My Favorite Patient” outlining a journey of a woman and her family relying on the provider over a number of years throughout unexpected events.  Their website features the statement “Student Athletes, Great-Grandparents, and Everyone in Between” to enable the consistent message with the media advertising, as well as noting they are specialists also serving top athletes.  The marketing of their specialize care and initial focus on sports medicine with the same care being provided to everyone who enters their facility provides a higher level of confidence for the care patients will receive at their facilities.  The “My Favorite Patient” media brings acknowledgement that it’s not just the “rich and famous” that care cared for by their facility and the providers are happy to treat all people.References:Be a “Big Kid” at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. (n.d.). Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://healthcare.ascension.org/Blog/2019/11/Be-a-Big-Kid-at-Peyton-Manning-Childrens-HospitalComprehensive Orthopedic Care. (n.d.). Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://www.methodistsports.com/Indiana University Health: Brand Campaign: Case Study. (n.d.). Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://mergeworld.com/work/indiana-university-healthMethodist Sports Medicine Commercial. (2019, July 01). Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://wearekma.com/portfolio-item/msm-commercial-production-and-placement/Peyton Manning legacy is also hospital that bears his name, young patients he still helps. (n.d.). Peyton Manning Legacy Is Also Hospital That Bears His Name, Young Patients He Still Helps. Retrieved from https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2017/10/04/peyton-manning-legacy-also-hospital-bears-his-name-young-patients-he-still-helps/666245001/Peyton Manning shows his humorous side in ads for namesake hospital. (2019, July 27). Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://www.modernhealthcare.com/providers/peyton-manning-shows-his-humorous-side-ads-namesake-hospitalRussell, J. (2019, March 22). Ordinary people take center stage in new IU Health campaign. Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://www.ibj.com/blogs/the-dose/68410-ordinary-people-take-center-stage-in-new-iu-health-campaign

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