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InstructionsAs a manager in a medical records department for a community hospital, you were asked to provide a presentation to health care providers on how to safeguard patients’ medical records and explain the legal reporting requirements. You were asked to include the following information:1) Discuss regulations relating to safeguarding health information.2) Explain the mandatory contents and legal obligation of providers to maintain accurate medical records.3) Explain patient and provider obligations to protect the privacy of health information.4) Describe the legal defense of an employee accused of mismanaging a patient’s health information.5) Describe a patient’s legal argument concerning the release of inaccurate information concerning their health to the public.6) Explain what is meant by legal reporting requirements.7) Identify three legal reportable events.Your presentation should consist of at least eight slides, not including the title and references slides.PowerPoint Requirements:1) Include a title slide.2) Use short bullet points for each slide.3) Add three or more graphics and a table or graph if appropriate.4) All graphics must be cited.5) Include Speaker Notes so that the information on the slide contains simple bulleted phrases and the notes expand on those bullets with complete sentences as if you would use them in an oral presentation.6) Include a reference slide with at least three references.

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