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Project due 2 days description

The final project plan should address the following:project scopework breakdown structurescheduleresourcesbudgetprocurementqualitycommunicationrisk managementTo stay on track it is suggested that your group complete the following in this unit:Unit 3Project Scope of Work (SOW) – define the parameters of the work to be done.  The scope should outline what will be done, the deliverables of the project and how the work will be done.Work breakdown structure – create the specific tasks and subtasks for each part of the projectProject schedule  – add time elements for each of the project activities and sequencing the implementationSee chapters 8, 9, and 10 in the Project Management text for reference informationCaseYour client is an IT company specializing in devices for people with disabilities. Based in the US, it employs 25 people and sells its products mainly in North America. During its first 5-years, the company has experienced rapid growth, but last year’s financials have shown some decline in sales. The sales department has recently identified an opportunity for entry into the Chinese and Latin-American markets. As a result, the management team has approved a set of strategic projects to enable that purpose.One of the projects being launched is the development of a multi-language website platform to enable online purchases of the company products. With that purpose, your team has been hired to manage the project. You have been asked to submit a project plan in the next few weeks that is efficient (you were told by a Vice President that this project needs to be done ‘yesterday’) and for the smallest budget possible.  The management team has approved up to $45K for the project, but you have been asked to bring it in under budget if possible. Your team will gather the necessary information to define a robust project plan.Your team allowed to make assumptions, as needed, to assist you in completing the project thoroughlyProject DeliverableYour group should create a project plan outlining each of the assigned parts, plus anything else you feel is important.  The project plan will be shared with the Management Team for final approval of the project.   Your plan should be 8-10 pages (exclusive of a cover page and reference page) in length and include additional research done by your team.  You can make any assumptions about the company, resources and other considerations in order for you to do a thorough job in producing the plan.Please include a breakdown of how the project plan work was completed (who did what?) by your group.SUBMIT 2 PAGE WRITING ABOUT BUDGET AND PROCUREMENT. MAKE SURE USING APA FORMAT AND PROVIDE REFERENCES.

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