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Deliverable 7 plan of action

ScenarioYou are the Vice President of Human Resources at a local hospital. There has been a lot of turmoil in recent years due to leadership changes and downsizing accompanied by layoffs. The downsizing and layoffs were the result of an increase in uncompensated care due to a lack of health insurance. The layoffs have caused a decrease in morale and many department leads have also noticed a decrease in employee performance. The Board of Directors, the hospital’s CEO, and the entire executive team are in agreement that there is a need for major changes within the institution. You have been tasked with presenting a plan of action at the next board meeting.InstructionsThe three deliverables are:Deliverable 1Create an employee satisfaction survey that will be distributed to all hospital employees.a. The survey should contain a minimum of ten questions.b. At least two questions should focus on leadership/management.c. At least two questions should focus on communication.Include a justification for each survey question from 1a and a description of what leadership can expect to learn from the question.Deliverable 2Write an executive summary that describes the impact of leadership on employee performance and satisfaction, as well as communication challenges that leaders face, and challenges associated with trying to increase employee motivation, teamwork, and collaboration.Examine the literature relating to motivation, teamwork, collaboration, and conflict management.a. Discuss the role of leadership/management strategies that will help others respond to workplace challenges.b. Discuss the critical leadership skills needed to implement change.c. Recommend human resources strategies and practices that hospital department leaders could use to achieve optimal performance from employees.Deliverable 3Create a voiceover PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the major challenges that leaders have in keeping employees motivated.a. Based on prior readings, identify one theoretical framework that you will use to guide your presentation.b. Include a minimum of three challenges that leaders have in keeping employees motivated.c. Include a minimum of one recommendation for each challenge identified in section 3b.

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