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Unit 5 IT460–3: Create logical models that describe system processes.

IT460–3: Create logical models that describe system processes.Assignment InstructionsAvery has opened a gym and rehabilitation center specifically designed to provide training and recovery for service members who may have been injured while on duty. New members are provided a free fitness assessment to help determine their current fitness levels and to ascertain the extent of any injury to help onboard them into the program.Avery has designed a basic system to help onboard these new gym members. When members are seen for the first time, they complete a simple gym membership form that asks for their name, address, phone number, and brief medical history, which are stored in the gym member file. They are also asked to schedule a Fitness Assessment.Therapists or trainers must check the assessment calendar file for an available time. Members may also call to change their assessments. Because these assessments are scheduled in advance, Avery usually sends a reminder postcard and text message to each member one week before the appointment.Assignment RequirementsUse Visio to Construct a Level 1 DFD based on the attached use cases. Each use case corresponds to a process in the Gym System. Use Gane and Sarson symbols. All the information can be analyzed from the Use Cases. Some of the Information is provided below. You will have to determine and label all the Data Flows in the DFD.Entity: Gym MemberProcesses:Schedule (or change) a Fitness AssessmentCollect Membership InformationSend Reminder and text messageData Files:Calendar FileGym Member FileData Flows:At least 16 are neededIT460: Unit 5 Assignment Data Flow DiagramsUse Case Name: Gym Member makes or changes a fitness assessmentID:_1_Importance Level: HighPrimary Actor: Gym MemberShort Description: This describes how a new fitness assessment is made or an existing fitness assessment is changed.Trigger: Gym Member calls to schedule new fitness assessment or change an existing fitness assessment.Type:External/TemporalMajor Inputs:Major Outputs:DescriptionSourceDescriptionDestinationGym Member nameGym MemberScheduled fitness assessmentGym MemberDesired fitness assessmentGym MemberScheduled fitness assessmentCalendar fileFitness assessment to changeGym MemberAvailable fitness assessmentsGym MemberAvailable fitness assessmentsCalendar fileCheck Gym Member nameGym Member fileExisting Gym MembersGym Member fileMajor Steps PerformedGet Gym Member’s name. Check Gym Member name with Gym Member file.If new Gym Member, get address and phone number and enter in new Gym Member file entry.If this is a fitness assessment change, find current fitness assessment in fitness assessment file, and cancel it.Get desired fitness assessment time and match with available fitness assessments in Calendar File. When a suitable time is found, enter scheduled fitness assessment in the Calendar file and confirm with Gym Member.Information for StepsGym Member nameGym Member FileAddressPhone numberNew Gym Member informationFitness assessment to changeExisting Fitness assessmentsDesired fitness assessmentAvailable fitness assessmentsScheduled fitness assessmentsUse Case Name: Collect new Gym Member informationID:_2_Importance Level: HighPrimary Actor: New Gym MemberShort Description: This describes how new Gym Member information is collected when a new Gym Member arrives for fitness assessment.Trigger: New Gym Member arrives for fitness assessment.Type:External/TemporalMajor Inputs:Major Outputs:DescriptionSourceDescriptionDestinationNew Gym Member informationGym Member InformationGym Member file(Includes name, address,Gym Memberphone number)Injury HistoryGym MemberMajor Steps PerformedWhen the Gym Member arrives, determine if he/she has been seen before in this gym. If they have not, have them fill out a Gym Member information form.Use the information on the Gym Member information form to update and complete the Gym Member’s entry in the Gym Member file.Information for StepsGym Member statusGym Member nameAddressPhone numberInjury historyUse Case Name: Send fitness assessment reminder card and text messageID:_3_Importance Level: MediumPrimary Actor: SystemShort Description: This describes how reminder cards and text message sent to Gym Members one week prior to fitness assessment.Trigger: Time to send reminders and text message one week before scheduled fitness assessments.Type: External/TemporalMajor Inputs:Major Outputs:DescriptionSourceDescriptionDestinationCurrent dateCalendarFitness assessment notification cardGym MemberScheduled fitness assessmentsCalendar fileText messageGym MemberGym Member Contact InfoGym Member fileMajor Steps PerformedEach day find the fitness assessments in the Calendar file for the day week.Prepare fitness assessment notification card and text message to all Gym Members having fitness assessments.Information for StepsCurrent dateScheduled fitness assessmentsNameAddressFitness assessmentFitness assessment notification cardFor more information on APA style formatting, go to Academic Writer, formerly APA Style Central, under the Academic Tools area of this course.

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