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The length of the presentation will be about 8 minutes, followed by a 1-2 minute Q/A session. Consider this a session where you share what you have discovered during your research. You will be required to utilize PowerPoint slides.Rubrics (total point=30 points in total):Content and Organization (10 points)Introduction:○ Defines background and importance of research.○ States objective, and is able to clearly identify relevant questions.Body:○ Demonstrate a thorough understanding of course reading and it cultural/historical context.○ Analysis consists of specific, developed details.○ Clearly articulates a position or argument.○ The talk is logical.Conclusion:○ Summarizes major points of talk.○ Provides you with a “take-home” message.Speaking Style/Delivery (10 points)○ Speaks clearly and at an understandable pace.○ Maintains eye contact with audience and keeps the audience engaged.○ Well-rehearsed (either extemporaneous or scripted presentation).○ Speaker is within time limits.○ Speaker is able to answer questions professionally.Audio/Visual (10 points)○ Information is complete and accurate, and presented in a concise, logical manner.○ Audio/Visual components support the main points of the talk.○ Appropriate referencing of cited sources.

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