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statistics excel

Using Excel, create a spreadsheet that tracks how much money you spend on groceries. To protect your privacy, feel free to use made-up numbers. Track the amount that you spend on each item every grocery trip. The user should be able to clearly see (at minimum) the date of purchase, the item purchased, and the amount spent on that purchase. You should incorporate formulas to track all of these items over the course of the year. Make sure to format the spreadsheet to make it look attractive.Then, import your spreadsheet into Access to create a database. Using reports and queries, look for trends in the types of items that you buy. What items do you purchase most often? Are there any items that you have started to spend less money on? More money? What changes could you make to your shopping habits in order to save more money? Also explain some best practices that would be necessary for maintaining this database.In a separate Word document, discuss the benefits of this data. What did you learn from this data? How will you use this knowledge moving forward? What other databases can you create using these skills? What tips would you offer to someone creating a database for the first time? Explain all of your answers in detail.You will be turning in one spreadsheet, one database, and one Word document.The final paper portion of your assignment should be 2-3 pages. All submissions should be formatted in a 12 point Times New Roman font. Your answer should contain paraphrased information from at least one valid source other than your textbook, and all citations and references should be properly cited in APA format (6th edition).

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