6 page paper on diabetes.

6 pages on topic of diabetesWhen you write the research paper please _pay attention to the following:-Avoid using argumentative style.-No opinion or point of view should be included. Just citation.-Subheadings should be included not just plain paper.-Structure should be as following:Abstract- Introduction – definition and background information about type 2diabetes – causes of type 2 diabetes -pathogenesis of type 2- clinical manifestations of type 2 – categories of drugs type with their example, clinical values, adverse effects( this should be the biggest part of the paper) – conclusion.-THIS PAPER SHOULD BE JUST ABOUT TYPE 2 DIABETES NOT TYPE 1PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING ABOUT TYPE 1 DIABETES.For the textbooks just go to the chapter of diabetes to cite the information.Please check the attached You’ll find my sources that’s gonna be used in this research paper.Instructions attached:References:File name research paper 4, research paper 3, Research paper 2

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