HA510 Discussion Unit 5 2&3

In two different paragraph with no less than 75 words  give your personal opinion to Lakita Boykin  and Heather SchlegelmilchHeather SchlegelmilchHMS Home Care is a Medicare certified home health agency that offers nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy. All Medicare-certified Home Health Agencies have to participate in the Home Health Quality Reporting Program (QRP) (CMS, 2019). HHA’s submit quality measures for patient quality of care (OASIS) and patient survey results (HHCAHPS) to Medicare which factors into the HHA’s Medicare star rating (CMS, 2019). Due to the importance of this data I decided to start an Efficiency Review Committee, which will be a standing committee.  The main purpose of this committee is to improve our quality of care in the most efficient way possible by identifying opportunities for improvement.To fulfill the main purpose of the committee the members will be responsible for reviewing the two categories of quality measures that are used in the Home Health Quality Reporting Program (HH QRP): Outcome measures; and Process measures. CMS classifies the four types of Outcome measures as the following: “Improvement measures (i.e., measures describing a patient’s ability to get around, perform activities of daily living, and general health); Measures of potentially avoidable events (i.e., markers for potential problems in care); Utilization of care measures (i.e., measures describing how often patients access other health care resources either while home health care is in progress or after home health care is completed); and Cost/Resource measures.” (CMS, 2019). Process measures evaluate the rate of home health agency use of specific evidence-based processes of care. They will also review patient survey results (HHCAHPS) and the measurements that the survey tool looks at.The committee will look through current and past data to identify our quality problems and also identify other opportunities for improvement. Once quality problems have been identified the committee will be responsible for finding the root cause of the problem and to develop recommendations for improvement. In developing recommendations they will look at the current policies and procedures and staffing models to see if any changes need to be made.  The administrator who sits on the committee will bring recommendations to me.  With my approval of committee recommendations they will help disseminate any changes or new policies to their departments.  Feedback and monitoring these changes will be a part of their function as well to see if the changes generated the improvement they were hoping for.Medicare no longer requires HHAs to have a Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) however I feel following the previous requirements regarding committee members will be beneficial for my agency’s Efficiency Review Committee. The PAC previously required the following members: “The agency’s Administrator, the agency’s medical director, at least one member who is neither an owner nor an employee, at least one registered nurse, appropriate representation of each discipline for which the agency provides service, at least one consumer representative and therapy and clinical supervisors can represent their multiple disciplines” (HCPRO, 2013). The external members will be an Administrator, Director of Nursing or a Physician that utilizes my agency the most and can provide feedback on our services and a previous patient who was on our services and would like to share their experiences with the committee. If I cannot find a past patient that wishes to be on the committee I will sub with the Director of Client Services.All committee members will be appointment by me and the committee will vote on the Chair. Since this is a small, home health agency we currently only have one Medical Director and one Director of Nursing who is a RN so they along with the Administrator will be on the committee indefinitely or until census grows to the point where we can brings on an Assistant MD and Assistant Director of Nursing at which they can then rotate their committee memberships. Other members will have a two-year commitment.Medicare never had a requirement for how often meetings should be held just that they should be held “frequently”. Since this committee is looking at quality and efficiency in patient care that can affect our Medicare rating I feel a monthly meeting would be of huge benefit in finding problems sooner.ReferencesHome Health Star Ratings. (2019). Retrieved from:https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/HomeHealthQualityInits/HHQIHomeHealthStarRatings.htmlHome Health Quality Measures (2019). Retrieved from:https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/HomeHealthQualityInits/Home-Health-Quality-Measures.htmlWhat are the requirements of an agency’s professional advisory committee (PAC)? (2013).  HCPRO Website. Retrieved from:https://www.hcpro.com/HOM-289943-6962/Q-What-are-the-requirements-of-an-agencys-professional-advisory-committee-PAC.htmlLakita BoykinAs the CEO for the local “Boykins Home Health Agency” among the community I have decided to set up a Department Efficiency Review Committee. This committee will be set in place to ensure the effectiveness of the agency. The Department Efficiency Review Committee will also ensure that the patients are receiving the complex care and also making sure the agency is performing at its anticipated levels of quality and financial performance satisfactions.  Our mission at the agency is to improve quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassionate care, while being recognized as the leader in home health services. Guaranteeing your stay with care is a part of the function of the agency.There will be divisions among the various departments in the agency. Each division will have specific roles & responsibilities once leadership is chosen. The division leader will be reviewing the current issues and agency status at hand ongoing will adhere for changes, implementations, recommendations and findings. This advisory committee will report to myself with the findings and ongoing efforts for advancement among the agency once final decision has been reached. An outline of procedures and program processes will be administered among the meetings.The selection process of the committee advisory board will be comprised of one member of seniority from each division and two field workers from the agency. The decisions among committee membership will be based upon length of service and experience. The members have to be knowledgeable of the services provided and departmental information/ functions. Collectively the committee will vote upon roles. Once roles are selected the members will serve a 1 year term.  The committee will meet once every month to ensure that the patients are receiving the complex care and also making sure the agency is performing at its anticipated levels of quality and financial performance satisfactions.Among the agency will be suggestion boxes for client, volunteers and other employees to voice their opinions as we are providing services to fulfil our mission.  Also the agency unit meeting will also be a great time to discuss any issues, concerns or suggestions they may have. It will be the committee member’s job to relay the messages during the proper time frame.  If a decision is to be made, the committee will do so by voting. Most CEO’s are extremely busy; however, I will be very involved and present during the meetings outside of emergencies. It’s important to be in the know and not just made aware of situations by other leaders. Active participation, effective communication and respect for the agency/ employees is key to the Boykins Home Health Agency.  Committees are important as they allow you to see progress, stalls, issues and the need for improvements.References:Dunn, R. (2016). Dunn and Haimanns healthcare management. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.Home Health Care Mission Statementshttps://www.missionstatements.com/home_health_care_mission_statements.html

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