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Healthcare Strategies

W6 Writing Assignment: Healthcare StrategiesBased off the readings from this week and in addition to your own research, answer the questions below.What strategies have health advocacy groups used in the US? Which were more and less successful? Why?How might the strategies of these groups be shaped by their US context? (And how might their strategies change in a different context?) For example, certain issues are considered more important based off location and culture.How might you develop a strategy of a stakeholder you support (whether healthcare related or not) based on the healthcare readings and learned successes/tools/strategies from this week?The paper should be complete, polished, and proofread carefully. Make sure your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and language mechanics are well done. All papers should include a title and reference page, as well as additional theory from your readings or other sources to support your main points throughout. Papers must include citations and be written in APA format.To review how to achieve full credit for written work review theStudent Performance Rubriclocated within the syllabus.Due: Sunday 11:59 PMRequirements: Answer the following questions in 300-500 words each (2 page minimum),  and submit your responses to the instructor using the Dropbox. Your document should be in a Word document format (.doc or .docx). Please review the Written Assignment Rubric for further requirements.Additional resources for assignment

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