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Assignment 1:Write a 250- to 450-word goal statement discussing your current and future health and fitness status. Include the following in your goal statement:Discuss your current health and fitness status and identify how nutrient intake affects your health.Discuss your health and fitness concerns.Identify a health and fitness goal you would like to achieve.Submit your goal statement to your instructor.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Assignment 2:Part A: Analyzing a Food LabelComplete the table below by filling in the requested items. Use the food label of your favorite snack to obtain the information needed.Name of ProductServing SizeNumber of servings per container-packageAmount Per ServingCaloriesFat caloriesGrams of fatAmount of unsaturated fatAmount of saturated fatAmount of trans fatAmount of sodium (salt)Grams of proteinGrams of carbohydratesGrams of Fiber

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