Week 10 Discussion

This week read 4.5, 14.5 and chapter 14 and review the materials in this week’s module before answering one set of the following DB questions.Please answer 3 sets of questions and respond to at least one classmate’s post.1.  What is your reaction to the videos posted about body image?  How do you think this impacts the way women feel?  How do men feel?  I’d love to hear your reaction and how you felt viewing them.(Links to an external site.)2. Alcohol – After reading the mini-chapter and viewing the videos on alcohol.Please list how alcohol intake can impact your health.What new information have you learned? Discuss in at least 5 sentences (but no more than 10).3.  Ch 14.5 – In-Depth Disordered Eating is an interesting mini-chapter.   Please comment/discuss one topic that you read about that was either new information or that you found particularly interesting.  This needs to be written in at least 5 sentences or more.4.  Pick a sports supplement mentioned in the chapter on sports nutrition and see what you can find about it on the internet (Google it): compare this information to what you have learned in the chapter……how does the information in the chapter compare to the information on the internet?5. Describe a sound fitness program to reduce disease risk. How does aerobic exercise fit in? Glycolysis? Anaerobic? Lactic acid use?6. The marathon runner needs what types of fuel? Why? The weight lifter hoping to gain strength needs what type of fuel? Why? What happens to protein needs for both? Fluid needs?7. Many people do not get the recommended amount of exercise because they have had a bad experience with exercise. How would you go about encouraging one to become more active? What about those limited with foot injuries? Those who have breathing issues? How much exercise is enough?8.  View the website NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) and take a look at the education materials available.  Discuss 3 points you have learned viewing the website materials and how you could implement that knowledge into your personal or professional life.All responses are due by SUNDAY NIGHT, 11:59pm.* By informative I mean that you respectfully include new information or a different perspective with examples or description compared to that of your classmate.  I will not give credit to comments such as – “I agree.” “Wow – that’s great.”  Etc.

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