Deliverable 1 – The Financial and Economic Impact of Expansion

CompetencyCompare and contrast the role of finance and economics in the management of health systems in the U.S. and international markets.ScenarioMetropolitan Memorial is a large healthcare organization in a major city. The hospital has been providing medical care to the patrons of the state for 10 years but recently has noticed that the competition has been affecting its financial growth. The board that governs over the hospital has decided that they would like to expand their patient niche into the rural portions of the state. The CEO of Metropolitan Memorial has made you the team leader of the group in charge of analyzing the financial and economic impact of the expansion.InstructionsBefore initiating the plans for expansion, the CEO has requested you complete a project proposal using presentation software such as PowerPoint using speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration. Your presentations should addresses the following key points:Examine an international market in which expanding coverage of care yielded a positive economic impact.Identify an appropriate healthcare delivery model for the expansion of care.ResourcesThislinkhas information for creating a PowerPoint presentation.Here is alinkto information about adding speaker notes.Here is alinkto information about creating a voiceover narration using Screencast-O-Matic.

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