Presentation 2

Disease: Opioid AddictionSpecifics:1. PowerPoints must include a minimum of 3 online photographs, 6-10 slides (not including reference slide). Photos must be legible, and sources cited. Include a separate reference list.2. Students are to conduct an internet search to locate information on this topic. Use reliable sources as an APA formatted bibliography is expected and will be verified. A link is provided in that ‘Projects’ module for help with APA citations.3.Students are to provide relevant information on their topic using a bullet format (for the PowerPoint presentation).Considerations that must be included:Description of the conditionTypes of medications typical for conditionCommon brand names of medicationsHow the medications are taken and customary dosagesAdverse drug side effectsSigns and symptoms of conditionOral signs and symptoms of conditionASA classificationPreventive strategies for seeing patients with condition in the dental officeTreatment of condition in a medical emergency4.Keep it short and concise, and tell us the most important information educated Dental Assistants should know.

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