sources of influence

dentify a public service organization you are familiar with other than Arizona State Unversity.Analyze the organization’s institutional environment. You will need to think through the different actors and institutions that might influence the organization. While you might need to do a little research, this does not need to be a research paper–it is more of a brainstorming exercise. For example, Arizona State University, a public service service organization, is influenced by the a. media; b. local citizens; c. students;  legislative bodies (d. State of Arizona; e. Federal Government; f. City of Tempe; g. City of Phoenix), other government agencies (h. U.S. Department of Education; i. National Science Foundation; j, Arizona Board of Regents); etc.Describe six external actors and institutions that might influence the public service organization you identified as well as how they can influence the organization.In your response, be sure to include:A brief description of the organization you are analyzing.Six external actors or institutions that can affect or influence the public service organization you identified.Statements of how these actors or institutions might affect or influence the public service organization you identified.Format your essay in accordance with APA style guidelines. Provide at least three references in APA citation style. Writing should be clear, well-organized, and contain minimal grammatical errors.

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