Geology question

OPTION 2: Can we make the changes we need to make? After the pandemic, we are in a time of significant upheaval and transition. We are all more keenly aware that economic shifts and transformations can happen suddenly and dramatically. As the World shut itself down in March 2020, it makes us all aware that we can change behavior globally and as a matter of will. In the U.S., people began to quarantine themselves ahead of government action more often than as a result of government mandates. Write a cohesive 1-2 page single-spaced document that answers the following questions.2a. Reflecting on the profound changes we have all seen in the past year, how does that change your views regarding what might be possible with regard to energy use, carbon reductions, or other major transformations that might be needed to impact the type of climate change Earth has been experiencing.2b. Reflect on the type of transformations that would be involved to address global warming. Now that you have seen the recent major transformations, does this make you believe that global warming threats can prompt the type of major economic and industrial changes needed to reduce the impacts that have been anticipated with increasing climate changes?2c. What are the “experts” saying about the possibility of these transformations in light of what they have seen during the pandemic? Are researchers more or less optimistic about our global ability to reduce green house gases and control climate change after seeing the impact of the pandemic? Be sure to include REFERENCES both at the end of the text and in the text, like (Author, year)

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