Global Conservation Case Study

Assignment InstructionsAssignment Instructions:  Global Conservation Case Study – Choose one of the 15 topics presented in the required reading for this week presented by Sutherland et al. (2017) as your Case Study topic. From a global perspective, why is the topic you have chosen important economically? What are the problems associated with exploiting these resources? What are the solutions? Find an example of a specific problem and answer the above questions, using the EVSP201 Case Study Template provided.Your case study must show depth, detail, and reference to the text materials (use citations). You should also cite real-world examples. The case study should be at least 5 pages in length (including references), double-spaced using 12 point font. Include citations and references in accordance with APA guidelines.Submission Instructions: The EVSP201 Case Study Instructions and EVSP201 Case Study Template are provided for your use. Please review the instructions document and use the template as the basis for your submission. Once you have completed your case study, please upload it as a Word document as an attachment for grading by the assignment deadline.This course uses automatic plagiarism checking software, Turnitin (TII), which is embedded in the classroom. You may submit your work up to 3 times prior to the deadline to check your similarity. It takes roughly 15 minutes for the system to process your submission and show the score. The document in the assignment folder when the due date passes is your final work that will be graded.Assignment Rubric:1. Immediate Issue or Problem. (5 Points, 100 words)2. Interrelated or Associated Issues. (10 Points, 200 words)3. Issue Analysis. (20 Points, 300 words)4. Solutions or Options. (30 Points, 300 words)5. Recommendation and Implementation. (20 Points, 200 words)6. Assessment. (10 Points, 100 words)7. References. (5 Points)Please review attachments for case study details and requirements.**TEMPLATE FOR ASSIGNMENT IS ATTACHED**

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