PLEASE UPLOAD EACH ASSIGNMENT SEPARATELYAssignment 1Healthcare information is collected and analyzed to improve patient outcomes. In a 3 page APA formatted research paper, evaluate the standards to which the information is compared. Be sure to address the role of both internal and external benchmarks. In your evaluation, assess the importance of federal standards. Do the federal standards tend to favor the organization or the patient? Cite your sources appropriately.Assignment 2Health information systems (HIS) assist organizations not only with patient care, but with their human resource functions as well. In a 3 page APA formatted paper, discuss the benefits of using HIS to assist with staffing levels. Be sure to address any pitfalls that may be present as a result of utilizing such systems. Cite your references.Assignment 3One of the main obstacles faced by large healthcare organizations is the inability of the various health information systems to communicate with one another. As an example, a financial system used for patient check-in may not necessarily be compatible with a system that is used for discharge. Conduct some research regarding this dilemma. In a 3 page APA formatted paper, address the following questions: What is currently being done about this incompatibility? Is the inability to communicate within systems impacting patient care? Is it negatively impacting reimbursement? Do large providers need full time technical support available? To assist with this assignment, it may be beneficial to find a case study related to this problem. Cite your references appropriately.Assignment 4Some individuals have claimed that healthcare is more heavily regulated than nuclear power. Regardless if this is an entirely accurate statement, there is no doubt that the government is heavily involved in the regulation of healthcare. In a 3-page research paper, analyze the current state of health information technology regulations in the United States. From where do these regulations stem? What role do lobbying groups and politics play in the development of regulations? Are they effective in keeping patient information safe? Be sure to cite your sources appropriately.Assignment 5Research assignment. Conduct some research on the internet as it relates to using health information technology to combat fraud. In this 3 page APA formatted paper, address the following: the current extent of fraud in the United States, what agencies are currently involved to detect fraud, how technology can aid in fraud reduction, progress to date of anti-fraud initiatives (cases, etc), and what the future of anti-fraud technology looks like. Be sure to use specific examples in your paper. Lastly, be sure to use only legitimate websites for information (e.g. avoid Wikipedia and blog related sites, etc.).

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