Plato’s Allegory to Life Today

write a 600 word (double spaced) short paper. practice1.) reading closely and “actively,”2.) thinking critically by encouraging you to reflect on authentic texts and ideas originating in another time period,3.) applying ideas presented in them to provide insight into issues outside their borders and4.) supporting your own ideas and insights in writing (for example, through summary, comparison, substantiating claims and thesis development).Reading is attached The Republic — Book VII also a power point starting with slide 7.1.Apply Plato’s Allegory to Life Today: More than two thousand years later, how is this allegory relevant to our lives today? In what ways might Plato’s allegory still be relevant? Or, conversely, if it is outdated and irrelevant, how so? Many have already used Plato’s allegory to better understand and explain complex topics in our modern world. A few examples, journalists and other writers have used the allegory of the cave to symbolize the modern surveillance state and the oppression of poverty, just to name a couple. If we are living in a cave where reality is constructed by someone else, who or what are the puppeteers? Think of a topic where people might mistake a shadow world for true reality, andthen write an essay detailing how the symbolism and various aspects of Plato’s allegory can help readers gain a deeper insight. Please explain.Your essay should have a clear introduction, a clear and complex thesis, make multiple well supported points and have a conclusion that does more than merely restate your thesis. When citing a text, include page numbers in parentheses after the quote in the body of your paper and include its reference at the bottom of your essay. Please do a final proofreading of your essay, double checking things like grammar, usage, spelling and clarity of ideas.Be sure to use textual evidence from the work(s) for support. Use the “Rubric for Short Papers” and “How to Cite a Text” documents to aid you in your writing  Rubic is attched

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