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This week you should      begin work on your Week 6 Assignment. For Nike, craft a paper in which you:Research and describe the company on a       global scale.Articulate the companies strategy both       in the United States and globally.Describe any business/operating units       that exist and examine what they do in the overall company business.Research and comment on the companies       competition. What do they do and how do they compare to your chosen       company?Evaluate any strengths, weaknesses, or       opportunities that exist for your chosen company.Make any recommendations based on your       course knowledge on the topics we have learned to date. Including       strategy, divestiture, structure, diversification, partnerships,       outsourcing, or synergies.Note: You may not use the same company that you have already selected for your final project.Your paper should be at least five pages in length, not including cover and reference pages. Cite at least four other scholarly references and utilize proper APA format.Points Possible: 50

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