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Reflective essay 3

In Chapter 7, Crooks and Baur (2017) describe some of the ingredients in a lasting love relationship, and they describe some of the main characteristics of lasting love relationships as quoted by research studies in the text. Also, the authors discuss the impact of attachment styles on intimate relationships as well as the importance of sexual communication.In a maximum of 500 words, reflect on the prompt below:When reviewing different attachment styles (pg.204) and characteristics of people in lasting loving relationships (pg. 210/212), did anything instantly come to mind  that could affect your potential for a lasting loving relationship (such as your parents have been married several years or not)? To the extent that you feel comfortable sharing, is there any area that you think you may want to or need to do some self-improvement for the sake of a current or future loving relationship in terms of supportive communication, companionship, sexual expression, and sexual communication?These are just a few examples, which you could reflect upon:Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with vocalizing your sexual needs, but you would like to find ways to be more vocal about what you need now from your partner now or in the future, etcMaybe one of your goals is to improve your active listening skills, and the textbook opened your mind to the importance of communication in a relationship,etc, even if you tend to be an introvertMaybe the illustrations in the text have opened your mind to various ways that people express themselves sexually, and you would be open to suggesting something to a current or future romantic partner in order to add variety to a sex life, etc

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