5-2 Activity: Candidate Interview pad 631

The news director for your television station has given you an assignment to interview the rising senatorial candidate for your state. This candidate has a vision for a new America and has used this vision heavily on the campaign trail. Using the information from the textbook and resources for this module, develop a list of questions that you would ask the candidate during the interview. Provide a rationale for why you selected these questions.Textbook: Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Chapter 8What are the elements that are necessary to have an effective vision statement?Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between a mission statement and a vision statement in terms of the organization and individual organization members.Video: Starfish Story opens in new window (cc) (1:19)Explain how seemingly inconsequential actions can have a significant impact when guided by a strong vision of success.Video: A Vision for Successful Nonprofits opens in new window (cc) (18:11)What are the characteristics of a nonprofit agency and/or its operating environment that pose specific challenges to the development of an organizational vision?

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