Superior fit

Does Superior fit the definition of a small business or an entrepreneurial venture? Please explain.Reconcile the executive team’s concerns regarding Texas’s poor  performance with Figures 1–3 in the case. Complete a vertical analysis  for both Superior without the Texas SBU and for the Texas SBU as a  separate analysis.Why has Texas struggled to be profitable? What does a vertical  analysis of Superior’s financials suggest about the Texas operation  versus Superior as a whole?What are your recommendations for Superior and the Texas  operation? Should the Texas operation be discontinued? Why, or why not?  Based on your answer, describe how you would handle the human resource  management (HRM) decisions related to your decision to keep or  discontinue the Texas operation. Summarize how your analysis impacts HR  activities.Propose one entrepreneurial action or solution (a nontraditional solution) that would benefit the company.Be sure to use subheadings in your assignment as opposed to a question-answer format.Your case study should be at least  three pages in length, not counting the title page. No references are  needed on this assignment if content comes from you the writer, the  textbook, and/or the lesson. Adhere to APA Style for the general layout  (font, spacing, etc.). Please note that no abstract is needed.

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