assignment 3

summarize Chapter 51 Employment Law.Please be sure to provide adequate information regarding every statute in the chapter. These are important within the context of employment law, and contain information that you need to know professionally, as well as for you personally. Within your summary, provide a discussion of the following cases. These cases should be discussed in the section where the case topic is relevant. Before you discuss the case, please be sure that you have provided a complete discussion of the law involved in the case. So, if the case discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act, provide a discussion of the Act before you summarize the case. EEOC v. Kohl’s Dep’t Store, Inc. – Chapter 51 pages 30-32. Please review this case carefully. There is a dissenting opinion in this case which is different than the other cases you have reviewed. Provide a few sentences in your case discussion regarding the position of the dissenting judge. Please read Chapter 1 of your textbook, particularly the top of page 24 for a definition of a dissenting opinion. American Greetings Corp. v. Bunch – Chapter 51 pages 4-5.2 Pages

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