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As an emergency manager, one of your major duties will be to research and apply for grant money in order to fund various tasks and activities. Your project is broken into 5 parts. Your Project Submission, should be a cumulative document containing Parts A through D plus the “Investment Impact” and “Pre-Existing Planning” sections, as described below. Your Project Final Submission should be a single, integrated paper. Please make sure that you adjust each section according to the comments I made when you submitted them individually before submitting the final version.Course Project Final SubmissionYou are writing a grant proposal forKnoxville, Tennesseeusing the FEMA FY 2009 Emergency Operations Center Grant. The information gained from parts A – D will assist your work. You think that weeks is not enough time for something like this but often federal grants open and close in an even shorter period of time. I am providing a submission document for your guidance in the course documents that is highly simplified from the normal federal documents. The grant documents that FEMA sent out are also included so you can see that they are in a new form of English. The course documents will be far easier for you to work on.The sections of the grant that you will work on for the finishing touches of your Course Project Final Submission are as follows:I. Investment ImpactDescribe how the project efficiently enhances EOC capabilities in a response.Page Limit: Not to exceed a ½ page responseInstructions:Describe how the project will enhance emergency management capabilities for the State, local, or tribal applicantDescribe how the project will accomplish this in a cost-effective mannerII. Pre-Existing PlanningDescribe any pre-existing planning efforts that have been conducted for this investment.Response Type NarrativePage Limit Not to exceed ½ page responseInstructionsDescription of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the deficiencies noted in the facility assessment, including:Architectural plans developedPermits in PlaceDescription of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the proposed projectDescription of hazard-resistance design guidance utilized as part of the pre-existing planning, such as but not limited toFEMA 426/452 for identifying and mitigating man-made and terrorist threatsFEMA 361 and FEMA 543 for identifying and mitigating flood and wind hazardsFEMA 310 (ASCE 31) and FEMA 356 for identifying and mitigating seismic hazardsDescription of any current activities that have taken place relative to rectifying the identified deficiencies or needs identified in the assessment

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