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EG381: Week 4 Probability: Exploring Different Representations of Data

Section 2.5 Statistical Literacy and Critical Thinking describes good and bad ways to represent data in a graph. In many magazines or articles you will find charts or graphs displaying data in inaccurate ways. In this lab, you are asked to find two visual representations of data and describe in a power point presentation whether the chart/graph displays the data in an inaccurate or accurate way. Find two visual representations of data (either graph or chart). Include one accurate and one inaccurate graph. Label each graph as either accurate or inaccurate and include a reasonable explanation. Submission Requirements: Organize your findings in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (at least four slides) You must have a title slide including your name You must supply your visual representations (charts or graphs) You must support your argument of whether it is accurate or inaccurate You must have a conclusion slide. Evaluation Criteria: Did you find two visual representations of data? Did you analyze and support an argument on whether the graph accurately represents the data? Did you organize their findings in a PowerPoint presentation of at least four slides? Did you include a title slide and conclusion slide?Also complete worksheet

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