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Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or…

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.Write the word name for the given number. 1. 22,000,674a. Twenty-two million, six thousand seventy-fourb. Two million, two thousand, six hundred seventy-fourc. Twenty-two hundred million, six hundred seventy-fourd. Twenty-two million, six hundred seventy-four2. 2,601,400,070a. Two hundred sixty million, one hundred forty thousand, seventyb. Two hundred sixty-one million, four hundred thousand, seven hundred c. Two billion, six hundred one million, four hundred thousand, seventy d. Two billion, six hundred one million, forty thousand, seventyWrite each whole number in standard form.3. Andy collected eighty-two thousand dollars for his campaign.a. 8200b. 82,000c. 80,002d. 802,000Add.4. 7,651 + 3,874 =a. 11,525b. 34,636c. 31,487d. 12,6785. 148 + 55 =a. 226b. 212c. 203d. 213Solve.6. A town’s population in 1976 was 111,835. By the year 2000 it had increased by 25,952. How many people lived there in 2000?a. 137,787 peopleb. 138,787 peoplec. 136,787 peopled. 137,887 peopleSubtract.7. 9699 – 5554 =a. 9145b. 4145c. 4037d. 4137Subtract. Use borrowing, if necessary. 8. 83,128 – 58,955 =a. 24,163b. 24,123c. 32,173d. 24,173Multiply.9. 62 × 9 =a. 551b. 658c. 548d. 558Provide an appropriate response.10. What is x if x = 7 ∙ 1 ∙ 5 ∙ 0?a. x = 35b. x = 13c. x = 1d. x = 0Simplify.11. 63 × 83 – (6 – 4) =a. 286b. 300c. 2549d. 5227Write using exponential notation. 12. 9 × 9 × 9 × 9a. 94b. 94c. 36d. 92Round as indicated.13. 7101 to the nearest hundreda. 7100b. 7110c. 7000d. 7200Solve.14. A store has gross revenues of $6122, $6695, $4363, and $4601 in its first four weeks of business. What was the gross revenue for those four weeks?a. $21,881b. $21,781c. $20,781d. $22,33115. Leslie enjoys skiing in the winter. Last year she skied 21 times and spent a total of $693. How much did it cost her each time?a. $14,553b. $672c. $34d. $33Write the fraction.16. Of the 157 students at a high school, 35 are sophomores. What fraction of the students are sophomores?a. 157/35b. 35/157c. 35/122d. 122/35Reduce the fraction by finding a common factor in the numerator and in the denominator and dividing by the common factor.17. (55/65)a. (55/65)b. (5/13)c. (11/13)d. (11/5)Identify if the whole number is prime or composite.18. 30a. Primeb. CompositeWrite the improper fraction as a mixed or whole number.19. (252/11)a. (11/252)b. 252252/11c. 2521 52d. 2210/11Reduce the improper fraction.20. 99/4411/49/119/44/11Change to a mixed number and reduce.21. (344/20)a. 17b.174/5c. 171/5d. 175/4Multiply. Write the answer in simplest form.22. (3/7) × (1/9) =a. (1/21)b. (1/4)c. (7/27)d. (4/63)Solve. Write the answer in simplest form.23. Julie’s Cinema received $5460 in movie admission tickets for one day. About (3/13) of this amount was for G-rated movies. Find the amount of money received from G-rated movies.a. $1260b. $140c. $23,660d. $420Divide, if possible. Write the answer in simplest form.24. 55/9 ÷ 10 =a. (6/9)b. (4/9)c. (5/8)d. (5/9)25. 5÷ 45/6 =a. 13/29b. 13/28c. 14/29d. 23/29Add or subtract. Simplify the answer.26. (52/75) – (29/75) =a. (23/150)b. 12/25c. (23/75)d. 208/75Add or subtract. Express the answer as a mixed number.27. 191/7 + 135/7 + 75/7 =a. 404/7b. 394/7c. 40d. 414/728. 14 – (2/9) =a. 137/9b. 117/9c. 147/9d. 13Add or subtract.29. 194/9 + 194/9 =a. 378/9b. 398/9c. 388/9d. 198/9Write the words for the dollar amount as you would on a check.30. $200.58a. Two hundred dollars and 58 centsb. Two hundred and (58/100) dollarsc. Two hundred (58/100) dollarsd. Two hundred dollars and 58Insert , or = between each pair of numbers to form a true statement.31. 0.463 _____ 0.46300a. >b.  

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