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UOP Quantitative Reasoning II (Math 216) Week 3 Project

Create at least three visuals.One visual must be a scatter      plot with trend line, equation, R2 value, and prediction      value.Two of the remaining required      visuals can be of the following format: histogram, box and whisker plot,      or pie chart.Please note that the data set      that you chose in Week 2 includes data that will not be needed to create      your visuals. Quantitative reasoning requires critical thinking to decide      what data is necessary.Create a Microsoft® Word document that includes your three visuals and the following items:Title of your project and the      scenario you are addressingBrief description of each      visual (15 to 50 words)Consider including the      following for each visual when applicable:A chart title that is       appropriate for the dataA descriptive x-axis labelA descriptive y-axis labelFor your xy scatter plot, make      at least one prediction using the trend line equation for a date in the      future. How confident are you in this prediction? State your prediction      and provide justification (50 to 150 words).If you created a box and      whisker plot, describe the central tendency of the values. What does this      tell you about the data and about your project?Calculate the mean of the      sample data.

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