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Understanding the Effects of Supply and Demand on Cost, Quality, and Access

How do you ensure quality in health services organizations? What tools might a health care administration leader use to ensure quality measures are present in a health services organization? As a current or future health care administration leader, your understanding of how to use and implement appropriate tools for quality in your health services organization will be important for the delivery of effective and quality health services.For this Assignment, review the resources for this week that are specific to supply, demand, equilibrium, break-even analysis, and quality improvement initiatives. Be sure to review the Pay for Performance and CMS Quality Initiative in your course text.The Assignment: (3–4 pages)Using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, complete problems 1 through 4 on pages 107–108 in the Ross textbook. Show all work. Submit both your Excel and Word files for gradingPLEASE ADDRESS ALL ELEMENTS IN PROBLEMS 1-4PLEASE DO ALL CALCULATIONS IN EXCEL DOCUMENT AND POST THEMPLEASE PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE WRITEUP OF ALL PROBLEMS IN APA WORD DOCUMENTTHANKS FOR YOUR HELP

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